Monogrammed Waterbottle

IMG_3086I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE monograms! Like Reese Witherspoon once said, “If
it’s not moving, monogram it!” Now, everybody knows once swimsuit
season rolls around, there are two types of people. There are those who will
diet, run, and exercise an unhealthy amount, and then there are those who could
care less about getting into shape. Usually I’m stuck in the middle. I love
going to the gym and running, but I do those more so as a form of therapy to
clear my mind. However, this summer I wanted to really see how much self-discipline
I had, so I decided I was going to work out more. Of course I needed some
motivation to help me out though! I purchased a pink Contigo™ waterbottle and
thought that would be the end of it, until I was on one night and knew
exactly what I needed. I ordered a 3 inch vinyl decal, interlocking script,
mint color with my monogram. You will be able to find these super cheap, and
you can pick any design, color, or size that you like! Once my decal came in, I
put it on my water-bottle and Voila! Not even two minutes later and now I have
a precious monogrammed water-bottle for less than 12 dollars!  Here is the exact listing I purchased:


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